Another Year


It was another year of reign for the Pretty Committee, and as juniors, we planned to reign well. The others got a little rebellious at the beginning of the year and thought they could overthrow us, but then we reminded them who we were, and they forgot all about their plans. 

We had just stepped into the building and all eyes were on us, we did our best hallway model strut to our new hallway when something went wrong. Everybody stopped staring. They stared at someone behind us and started screaming like raging fans. Even though they were raging fans because behind us was Alexa Fustor. 

Alexa and I met at Ralph Lauren’s NYFW Show backstage and we became friends. We texted from time to time but I hadn’t seen her since. I knew she was homeschooled because she was always traveling for shoots and shows.

We all walked to the bathroom and locked the door.

“What is she doing here, Leesh!” Massie screeched.

“Excuse me, I had no idea,” I told her raising an eyebrow.

“Well someone has to go talk to her,” Kristen stated.

“Fine, I will. But I’m sure she will become more popular than us, and that’s why I think we should be her friends.” I told Massie trying to save Alexa from destruction.

I left the bathroom and followed everybody which led me to Alexa. She was trying to open her locker but couldn’t with everyone surrounding her and screaming at her.

“Leave her alone!” I screamed.

Immediately, everybody backed off and went on to do their usual routine except they took pictures of Alexa while doing it.

“Hi, girl! What are you doing here?” I told her. 

“Well I decided to go to school for a year and looked for a private one in upstate New York and this is the best I found. And I knew you came here so at least I’d have a friend.” She said.

“Aw, of course. That’s why I’m here to help you out. You have the jocks, the geeks, the wannabees, and then the A-listers.” I told her as we walked down the hallway to her first class.

“Good luck. And for lunch just find me at Table 16.” I said smiling at her as she thanked me.

Now I just had to deal with Massie and the Pretty Committee and inform them Alexa was staying for a year. This could’ve been my nightmare but it isn’t, it’s Massie’s.


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Ditch Day

I looked at my new friends and international, world famous friends: Alexa Fustor, Angeline Britt, Rebekkah Retroppo, Camille Tanner, Ximen Love, Anastasia Love, MacKenzie Backer, and Lianne Funter Smith.

“Girls, we have been here for, like, two hours! Let’s just say bye to everyone and leave already!” Alexa said.

“Actually, I need to tell my friends that I can’t go with them…” I said faking a smile.

I knew Massie would kill me. And the rest of the Pretty Committee would probably side with her. I inhaled in and exhaled out for a full minute and when I thought I was ready I waved goodbye to my new friends and made it over to the PC who happened to be talking to a Teen Vogue editor. They said goodbye to the editor and gave me hugs when I approached them.

“Leesh, you killed it out there!” Claire said smiling at me.

“Have you mentioned me to Alexa Fustor and the other models?” Massie asked raising an eyebrow.

“Thanks, Kuh-laire,” I told Claire and then lied to Massie, “and of course I told them about the best alpha in the world.”

It was not entirely a lie. I had mentioned Massie to them, saying that she was one of my best friends and that she invited me for drinks… so.

“Loves, I’m sorry but the other models invited me to go and I have to go for the public,” I said hoping they would believe my nonsense.

“Of course! We’ll come with!” Massie said misunderstanding.

“Um, sorry Mass… but I meant just the models and me. The PC can do something the rest of the long weekend since we are staying in New York till Sunday?” I said trying to act as nicely as possible.

“O-Oh. I understand,” Massie said looking hurt as she stammered, “Bye Leesh, have fun. Let’s go girls.”

One by one the girls followed her out of the room. She left. They all left. I tried not to cry but my eyes teared up and I couldn’t hold it in. Slowly, tears were rolling down my cheeks. Thank God for waterproof mascara.

“Are you okay?” Alexa asked me as she brushed up against my shoulder. I nodded as I bit my lip to hold back the tears. Crying in front of millions of fashion editors, models, and designers were so not on my bucket list.

tumblr_noev3fHKt21r63q61o3_400“Really?” She said pouting.

“Yeah,” I said faking a smile.

“Then what are you waiting for? Let’s get out of her babe!” Alexa said as she motioned the other models to come over.

“The limo’s waiting let’s go,” Lianne told us as we took a last look around the room.

We all hugged Ralph Lauren goodbye, yes, the Ralph Lauren. I was so excited I almost fainted. The Pretty Committee would be crying because of laughing too hard… Except they weren’t. Because they weren’t there.


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Big City, Big Dreams

img_939422.jpgcamila-cabello-hair-2-compressor.gif“I need more eyeshadow over here!” The makeup artist shouted to the others over the crowded chatter backstage as she put makeup on Alicia.

I can’t believe I am about to be modeling in Ralph Lauren’s New York Fashion Week show! If there was a synonym for ‘so exciting I’m going to explode’, it would be Alicia Rivera. After the makeup artist finished my makeup I went to practice my runway walk with the other models. “Please turn out well, please turn out well,” I thought. As I sat in my chair I reglossed. 

“That color wears away too fast don’t you think?” someone said next to me.

I turned my head to see one of the most well-known models talking to me. She had gorgeous blue eyes, gorgeous blonde hair, and gorgeous cheekbones

“I’m Alexa Fuster.” She said taking a sip of her vanilla frappuccino.

“I-I know. I mean, I’m Alicia Rivera.” I said shaking her hand.

“Oh right. You’re that rising socialite/model on the cover of Teen Vogue. I loved your interview.” Alexa told me as she reglossed.

“Really? You read it?” I beamed.

“Of course!” Alexa answered.

After chatting we became good friends and exchanged social media and numbers. Now she followed me on Instagram, twitter, and snapchat. We took selfies and posted them on snapchat. I instantly got snap chats from LBR’s saying “oh my gosh you’re with Alexa Fuster?” or “you’re modeling for Ralph Lauren for NYFW?” Alexa left to practice her walk again and I checked my incoming text. It was from Massie.

MASSIE: front row seats @ RL NYFW!! waiting for u!! good luck 🙂

ALICIA: thanks, mass gtg xo

MASSIE: you’re introducing me to Alexa in the after party btw

Even Massie was jealous. After having a talk with the Pretty committee I told them about my Teen Vogue shoot and cover, knowing they would find out about it sooner or later. Surprisingly, Massie wasn’t mad. She was actually happy. She said that now their popularity would be even more superior, and I didn’t think it could be since we were the alphas of the school. The whole Pretty Committee and my parents were sitting in front row seats for the show waiting for me. They had already watched me in the DKNY, Calvin Klein, and BCBG show. I was pretty confident since it wasn’t my first time. My phone pinged twice as I got two incoming text messages.

CLAIRE: we r going to Butter for celebratory drinks after the after party. let us know if u can make it!!

ALEXA: models & I r going for drinks after the party. lmk if u can come

I sat there in my chair uneasy. I pursed my lips. Drinks with TPC vs. International Famous Models. The Pretty Committee would understand, right? After all, it was Alexa Fustor, Angeline Britt, Rebekkah Retroppo, Camille Tanner, Ximen Love, MacKenzie Backer, and Lianne Smith. I heard the buzzer sound. It was show time. Go big or go home Leesh.


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Vaguely Vogue


Christmas break passed. January passed. Everything was normal, too normal. And living in Westchester I knew something big was bound to happen. I hadn’t heard from Layne since Derrington’s party. Sure, I saw her at school, but she hadn’t told me what the favor I owed her was. And it was in December.

LAYNE: Expresso House @ 2:00 sharp

Ah. See, something big was bound to happen. I replied with a ‘k’. I alerted my partners in crime, aka the Pretty Committee, in the group chat and waited for someone to answer.

ALICIA: layne wants me to meet her at expresso house @ 2

MASSIE: we will b next door at June’s boutique for backup.

DYLAN: yeah ill go. txt this chat for backup & we will b there.

KRISTEN: donee

CLAIRE: done x3

I smiled. My friends had my back. Well, sort of. Ever since Derrington’s party, there was a — “bad vibe” in the Pretty Committee. Claire was very secretive and I knew she was hiding something. Kristen had been spending a lot of time ‘doing homework and being at soccer practice’ but I knew there was also something going on with her. Dylan had been eating a lot and gaining weight because of family issues or something like that.

FotoJet Collage.jpg

Josephine, my live-in housekeeper, called me from downstairs. When I arrived at the kitchen she waved a pink package like a victory flag.

“What’s that?” I asked her as she gave me the package.

“Teen Vogue sneak peek magazine!” Josephine said jumping up and down as I tore it open.

“It’s beautiful!” I said beaming.

I ran back upstairs to my room and read my interview. I couldn’t wait to show this to the Pretty Committee.  Except — only Claire knew about the shoot. I sent a pic to Claire and wondered how to tell Massie. You think I’m scared of telling Dylan and Kristen? Puh-leaze. It was Massie I was worried about. Maybe she would think I want to be alpha or I want the spotlight. I sighed. And then I’d have to worry about what Layne wanted from me. I read the magazine and knew it by heart after reading it thirty-seven many times. I heard a small knock on my bedroom door and opened it. Josephine had the pink magazine package wrapper in her hands.

“Miss Alicia. You forgot to open the letter.” Josephine told me in Spanish as she handed me a letter that I left in the package.

After she left I opened the envelope and took out a letter.

Dear Alicia,

We hope you enjoyed the magazine. It will be public by next week. A lot of designers have also received this magazine before it was published and would like you to model for them in New York fashion week. These brands are Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, BCBG Max Azria and DKNY.

Please get back to us ASAP,

Teen Vogue

I practically broke my windows. I was on the cover of teen vogue and was modeling in New York fashion week? Could this day get any better? No. I still had to see Layne. I got ready and by 2:00 p.m. I stepped into Expresso House. It’s going time Leesh.


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A Favor from Satan


tumblr_lxrl9qv3ia1rnp1cuo1_500.gifFuming was probably the best word to describe Alicia Rivera right now as she marched across the living room to Layne Abeley and gave Layne her bitch-face. She took out her new iPhone 6S rose gold and raise her eyebrows. Layne just drank her champagne like nothing was wrong.

“Is it true? Where you dared to hook up with Josh or not?” I asked about to pull all the brunette’s hair out.

“Yes, and I know you guys did each other at Lake Placid so you can calm down,” Layne replied.

“So did you?” I asked shifting uncomfortably.

“No. I know you guys have a thing and I know your not my best friend or even close friend but you owe me a favor hun.” Layne said while refilling her champagne.

“No, I don’t,” Alicia said.

“Well then let me find Josh. Oh, and do you have some chapstick I could borrow?” Layne said smirking.

“Fine. ONE favor and I need to know want it is by tomorrow.” Alicia said and then marched out of the room.


I found Claire and Dylan and pull them aside and told them to find Massie and Kristen. This was an emergency. You’re probably asking yourself why this is so bad. Well… the old Layne you read about in The Clique changed so much if it’s possible. Now Layne was a slut and a schemer. There was no way she wanted a favor without a plan or scheme behind it. But picturing Layne and Josh already made me feel sick. I poured some more champagne and felt warmth against my arm. It was Locket. This was not what I needed right now. Locket was the biggest flirt around the school and was always hitting on girls. Everyone called him his last name, Locket, but nobody really knew his first. 

“What do you want?” I sighed.

“A little sugar?” Locket asked winking his soft icy blue eye at me. I scoffed

“Yeah right-” Alicia said but was interrupted by her alpha, Massie Block.

“Leave her alone,” Massie said and then made out with him for a split second and then he looked at her in shock while she smirked and pushed him away. 

“Sorry darling. What’s the emergency?” Massie asked while she poured herself some champagne.

“Pretty Committee tonight at the iPad,” Alicia told the Pretty Committee and then exited the house.

All she needed now… she thought as she ignited her Lambo, was Josh.


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Regret and Confess


Something was wrong. Alicia Rivera was sitting outside in her bedroom balcony eating breakfast overlooking the estate’s backyard and pool. Should she tell the Pretty Committee about how she is the new face of Teen Vogue? Should she have gone to Massie’s Friday Night Sleepover and pack with them? Was it right to skip it and celebrate her victory? Maybe she should tell someone about it. She remembered how Claire and she did the audition shoot and sent the applications. Of course! Claire! What if she texted her and Massie was borrowing Claire’s phone to see something at the sleepover. What if they were all asleep. I’ll give it a shot. Alicia slid out her iPhone 6 gold from her pocket of red fuzzy sweater dress from Ralph Lauren. She opened up messages and texted Claire.

ALICIA: hey claire, is any other of the PC members awake

CLAIRE: hey & not yet why

ALICIA: remember the teen vogue applications we sent? I got in. if you tell a soul you’re dead.

CLAIRE: omfg that’s so great! I haven’t got my letter saying if I made it or didn’t yet. gtg, the girls are starting to wake up, I promise I won’t tell a soul.

That made her feel so much better, she told someone who already knew some of it and she felt better. She pulled up the Pretty Committee group chat on iMessage and texted the girls.

ALICIA: hey sorry I couldn’t make it to the FNS & packing. want 2 come over the estate at noon for lunch and reviewing what we packed?

CLAIRE: totally if massie agrees



MASSIE: Alicia’s estate @ noon bring your suitcases with everything in them. see u @ noon leesh.

Josh Hotz. She had just realized she hadn’t texted him since three days ago. Remember when The Pretty Committee (except for Claire) upgraded for 9th graders. Massie left and I became alpha, she came back and I handed the throne back to her. Giving back her empire like she gave it to me, organized, and under the iron fist of The Pretty Committee. When she got back we went back to dating the boys in our grade. Josh and Alicia had remained friends, but Alicia sorta… like him? Ugh, she didn’t know. All these feelings confused her. Did she like him as a big brotherly way, best friend way, or boyfriend way? I pulled up Josh and I’s convo and started typing.


JOSH: hello beautiful : )


Inside my head was screaming but in the outside, I just smiled so much it hurt. Lake Placid was going to be so much fun. If Josh and I hooked up… Ehmagawd. She just wanted to talk to the Pretty Committee and show them Nina’s Boy Dictionary. She was better with boys than Skye. I then texted my best friend outside of TPC, Olivia Ryan. Olivia had changed since she was now a GLU, and an A-lister trapped in an A-lister’s body. The Pretty Committee had accepted her and hung out with her at parties or just for shopping or Starbucks.

ALICIA: hey boo. u can not believe what just happened!

OLIVIA: emg what!

ALICA: Josh called me beautiful!

OLIVIA: like he does every morning? how r u guys nawt a couple?

ALICIA: lmao ttyl I gtg

I multi-tasked on my iPhone 6 and closed messages and all the apps I had open. I opened twitter and tweeted something. Four minutes later I had five retweets and 103 favorites.

This was going to be a long, long day.


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Big Surprises


MASSIE: meet @ iPad 4 packing 2nite

ALICIA: done, done, and done

Alicia Rivera replied into her gold iPhone 6. She put her phone on her night table and took out a book her infamous cousin, Nina Callas, had given her yesterday when she left Spain. “I’m so taking this on the trip,” Alicia thought to herself. It was a book about boys, every single detail Nina knew was in that book. This book was going to help her more than Massie’s 7th grade Kissing Clinic. “The Trip” Alicia had referred to was a trip the new sophomores, the old freshmen at BOCD Prep, where taking to Lake Placid before school started. Sunday, August 9th was when we left to Lake Placid. BOCD Prep was across the street of the OCD middle school campus. BOCDP had a huge campus with a courtyard in the middle. I took out my packing list and placed it on my bed. Even though she aspires to be a famous news reporter (not on CNN but like TMZ, or MTV etc.) Alicia had started modeling with Claire and it’s quite fun. I was waiting for a letter that could change my career.

“Alicia,” called my maid Josephine, “the letter has arrived!”

envelopeAlicia put her phone in her new ripped boyfriend jeans, ran downstairs and grabbed the envelope from her hands and nodded. There was no time to waste words. “The letter” was the reply from Teen Vogue from Alicia’s modeling application. It meant if she got to be the new face of Teen Vogue. Model for them, and have a story on her inside. She opened the letter gently when part of her just wanted to rip it open. She slid the letter out of the envelope and unfolded it. She had been waiting forever for this, and finally, the answer was here, in her hands. “Read it!” said part of her, but the other just wanted to rip it into pieces. What if she didn’t get in?

“Dear Ms. Rivera… blah blah blah…. I got it!” Alicia said screaming.

“And designers and other brands want me to wear them in Lake Placid! Ralph Lauren, Guess, Dior, Marc Jacobs, Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, Micheal Kors, Ella Moss, Kate Spade, Triangl, Pacsun and Brandy Melville.” Alicia added jumping up and down.

Josephine and Alicia jumped up and down until Josephine stopped and looked at her.

“Tenemos que llamar a la Señora Rivera y el Sr. Rivera ahora y contarles las buenas noticias!” Josephine said in spanish.

She had just said we had to call my parents and give them the good news. I dialed my dad’s number and he picked the phone up.

“Hola princessa,” Len Rivera said, “I’m at work right now but I have time to talk.”

“Hold on Papi.” Alicia said typing her mother’s number, “I’m adding Mami.”

After a few rings her mother, Nadia Rivera, picked up, “Hola cariño.”

“Hola Mami! Papi is on the phone too. I have big news. You’re talking to Teen Vogue’s new face and model!” I screamed on the phone.

“That’s great mi amor,” said Len said happily, “I got to go back to work but celebrate tonight? Fancy restaurant? Your favorite…?”

“Ay sí! That would be great!” Nadia said.

I thought and thought. Massie was packing along with the rest of the Pretty Committee and I had to go but Teen vogue was huge and I would like to celebrate with my parents.

“Okay!” I said.

My parents congratulated me once more and said bye and got back to work. Now there was one more thing left to do.

ALICIA: can’t go… sorry! 

“What about Señora Block packing?” Josephine said in her thick Spanish accent looking up at me, her gaze shifting from my phone to me.

“I already got plans,” Alicia smirked.


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